Daily Reflections November 26

Every day is an opportunity to start fresh, especially for those recovering from alcohol addiction. As the sun rises, we can take a moment to reflect and assess our progress on this journey of healing — reviewing what worked yesterday, recognizing any missteps which occurred, and making new commitments going forward.

November 26th is no exception; it’s a chance to recommit ourselves to recovery in all its facets. Whatever emotions come up today as you continue on your path – whether frustration or joy – know that change isn’t instantaneous but something yielded with much patience and effort.

Take note of how far you have already come with your growth by taking part in today’s daily reflection!

Daily Reflections November 26

People who symbolize causes and ideas fill a deep human need. We of A.A. do not question that. But we do have to soberly face the fact that being in the public eye is hazardous, especially for us.


After a period of trying to be in the spotlight, I’ve learned that real integrity is about being humbly honest and true. As someone now recovering from alcoholism with A.A’s help, any attempts at seeking prestige or attention for myself are counter-productive when it comes to promoting what this great Fellowship stands for: sobriety through connection.

Letting those around us experience firsthand how much better our lives have become because of Alcoholics Anonymous will speak volumes – far more than words ever could!

My story is one of many that proves the power of A.A. to bring lasting and meaningful change in someone’s life and so, I am grateful. I have come to understand that the principles of A.A., rooted in honesty, truth, and humility are essential in achieving long-term sobriety as well as living a virtuous life overall.

And while it is natural to want to be recognized for all the hard work we put into our recovery, I truly believe that being an example for others through our actions will be a better reflection for A.A’s ability to transform lives than any words we could say.

Therefore, let us show others how wonderful this life can be with dedication, respect and a humble heart. May your journey continue in wisdom and spirit!