Daily Reflections October 31

Happy October 31 to those in recovery for alcoholism! Today, let’s take a minute to reflect on all of the progress we have made since starting on this journey. It can be easy to forget how far along each of us has come living without alcohol or drugs and just how powerful our own strength and determination are.

So, today as we end out the month together let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for continuing to pursue our sobriety goals despite challenges that arise.

Daily Reflections October 31

All history affords us the spectacle of striving nations and groups finally torn asunder because they were designed for, or tempted into, controversy. Others fell apart because of sheer self-righteousness while trying to enforce upon the rest of mankind some millennium of their own specification.


It can be tricky navigating the A.A. lifestyle as a sponsor, but finding a balance between helping others and respecting their boundaries is key for success!

By relying on A.A.’s Steps and Traditions to guide them through similar experiences in life without drinking, sponsors are empowered with valuable insight that they may share while still understanding there’s only so much we have control over when it comes to giving advice .

All in all, each of us experiences and navigates life differently. On October 31, it’s important to maintain a sense of self-awareness and humility so that we don’t overstep the boundaries of our own experiences by giving opinions and advice on other’s medical, marital, or religious problems.

If we take the time to pause and reflect on our thoughts and feelings before reacting, we can also draw from the wisdom of A.A.’s Steps and Traditions to help us manage difficult situations without drinking.

Today is an opportunity to go within ourselves to recognize how we can best serve ourselves and others who need our support with kindness and compassion. When stories are shared it is often unto gain insight rather than blindly jump into offering responses which may be seen as disrespectful or presumptuous.