Daily Reflections September 12

For many of us alcoholics, starting our day is a daunting task. The events from the night before haunt us and can cast a dark cloud over our entire day. Fear not though; although it’s hard to push those thoughts away, there are still ways to find moments of peace.

This blog post reflects on September 12th for individuals who want to stay sober and actively seek their own recovery. With this in mind, we offer reflective questions that you can use as jumping off points today – or any other day – when you need an extra dose of hope and inspiration during your journey towards sobriety.

Daily Reflections September 12

For the readiness to take the full consequences of our past acts, and to take responsibility for the well-being of others at the same time, is the very spirit of Step Nine.


Even when I was mired in alcoholism, freedom seemed like an unattainable goal. Nonetheless, Alcoholics Anonymous taught me that accepting the responsibility for my actions is a huge step towards liberation and healing.

Apprehensively but determinedly, I opened myself up to being vulnerable by recognizing what needed changing within me.

It’s only once we confront our own mistakes with authenticity can true freedom be achieved; now when people ask if it’s my fault or not – regardless of whether the answer may hurt – I always take ownership and say ‘yes’.

Learning to take responsibility for one’s actions is an integral part of recovery and self-growth. As this episode has reminded me, by saying yes, I am responsible and confronting the situation head-on can dissolve fear and open us up to freedom.

As scary as it may be at first, having the courage to confront our fears and not shy away from tough situations allows us to walk away a greater version of ourselves than when we started.

We all know scary moments come our way but now I have learned that with a little bit of strength and courage, I can power through them and come out stronger on the other end. Through these experiences, I find solace in knowing that my resilience will continually bring me closer to achieving long-lasting peace, healing and joy.