Daily Reflections November 23

Today is November 23 and it’s a great day to practice reflecting on our feelings, ideas, and experiences. As alcoholics taking the path towards recovery, reflection helps us gain better understanding of how far we have come in our journeys.

It can help guide us in furthering our progress by connecting us with an internal strength needed to create healthy coping mechanisms when faced with moments of struggle or temptation. With this blog post, let’s take a few moments together today to explore what reflections mean for each of us and how they enhance our sobriety.

Daily Reflections November 23

Believe more deeply. Hold your face up to the Light, even though for the moment you do not see.


The beauty of nature can provide deep insight into our lives. On a fall day in October, as I gazed out my window at the golden leaves atop an ash tree, sadness set in when I contemplated its passing and winter’s arrival.

But God had provided me with His own message through this cycle: like how trees go dormant to blossom anew after shedding their autumnal foliage similarly He was stripping away old habits so that new life could bloom within me too!

Gratitude flooded over me for both the changing seasons outside –and inside– myself; thank you Lord for providing such clarity during meditation on that special Sunday morning.

As I watched the leaved drift away that morning, I was reminded of how much my life had changed. Through the grace of God and the commitments of sobriety, I found newfound joy and renewal in my life. It’s a process that’s ever-changing, just like the leaves on the trees outside my window each autumn.

With a greater understanding of acceptance, patience and appreciation for all that comes our way, we can find faith in times of change. Every day is an opportunity to strengthen our spiritual practices creating a better path against the changing seasons.

These reflections have reminded me to be present with gratitude for every experience as we cannot undo what has been done or restrain what’s yet to come.