Daily Reflections October 29

If you’re an alcoholic, it can be a struggle to focus on anything other than your addiction. It’s easy to feel like life is passing by as you try to gain control over the urge to drink.

But remember that sobriety is worth it—each day without alcohol brings rewards and moments of joy if we take the time to recognize them. Today is no different! On this October 29th, let us pause for a moment and reflect together on how far we have come in our journey towards recovery.

By revisiting our wins and taking stock of what we recognize as difficult but necessary progress, this Daily Reflection can help build up our determination for future successes!

Daily Reflections October 29

Since recovery from alcoholism is life itself to us, it is imperative that we preserve in full strength our means of survival.


Honesty is a powerful force within A.A., where members are encouraged to openly share and connect with each other despite struggles with addiction.

Even if one might stumble in their journey, the support of fellow AAs will welcome them back into its caring arms whenever they choose to return – emboldening individuals on an ongoing basis to embrace sobriety through honesty as part of their daily life.

Embracing today’s spiritual journey with the knowledge that our Higher Power created us for a purpose and accepting our honest efforts can bring courage and strength. Reaching out to Him in prayer each day reminds us of how truly blessed, fortunate and capable we are.

So take a moment to take pause and seek His will, reflect on your current situation, give thanks for the uniqueness of your path and for the awareness that you were indeed created for something special.

May these moments of spiritual reflection help center you by bringing greater emotional clarity, stirring up creativity and igniting the flame of determination to keep on chartering forward despite life’s ups and down.

May you find joy breathing in these moments with an unwavering faith that you are walking into something beautiful! Blessings be as you continue journeying with your Higher Power!