Daily Reflections September 29

Trudging through the day with a cloud of addiction hovering over you? We understand that recovery can be an uphill battle and it might even feel like there’s no end in sight. On September 29, take some time to pause and reflect on your progress so far.

Breathe in this moment of peace and realize that although today may seem difficult, the future remains filled with hope. Life has its ups and downs but ultimately you will prevail if you stay focused on your journey toward sobriety.

Daily Reflections September 29

Frequent contact with newcomers and with each other is the bright spot of our lives.


An unexpected – and unwelcome – encounter with a disruptive drunk at a meeting struck an emotional chord in me. It was so painfully familiar to see another person struggling, through intoxication and outbursts of anger, for special recognition that we are all craving deep down inside.

I saw both my past self as well as the version of myself still alive within me; For it is human nature sometimes to feel like we don’t fit in or even deserve kindness from those around us when really, everyone’s more similar than they know.

It is rarely easy to look into ourselves and acknowledge our shared experiences with someone who can be so alienating in nature. Although it is hard, we must take moments such as these as an opportunity to become more self-aware and use our understanding to foster connection and build understanding between us all.

When feeling truly seen by another, only then can we open ourselves up to seeing how similarly connected we truly are.

Today was no exception; despite my initial response for the actions of this intoxicated man, I departed with a newfound respect and appreciation for his existence – just as I have for mine. As a reminder now, and always: practice patience, care, and kindness whenever possible – you never know the story that lies beneath it all.