Daily Reflections May 3

I haven’t been drinking at all this week. I’m not sure if it’s because of the new healthier routine that I’ve adopted or because my friends aren’t around as much, but either way, it feels good.

It’s a nice feeling to know that you can take care of yourself and do what is best for your body without having to rely on anyone else for support or motivation.

Daily Reflections May 3

Somehow, being alone with God doesn’t seem as embarrassing as facing up to another person. Until we actually sit down and talk aloud about what we have so long hidden, our willingness to clean house is still largely theoretical.


I’ve never talked to anybody about my flaws before, but it felt good. I don’t know if this is why you’re supposed to go talk with clergy people or something, because they can be really helpful and insightful when giving advice on things like that.

I had always been hesitant of talking out loud about the problems in my life (or even just admitting them) for fear someone would judge me harshly…until now!

This experience was a lot like what happened when I first admitted to myself that I’m an alcoholic: there’s relief once all your secrets are finally open and exposed so other people can help fix everything up from here.

It was my first day at the program, and I had no idea what to expect.

By the end of it, there were tears in my eyes as I realized that this group would be a huge part of me for many years to come.

It was difficult to talk openly about my flaws with another person, but the spiritual significance of this step helped me through.

I had a similar relief when admitting that I am an alcoholic and began understanding the importance of these steps in recovery. If you’re struggling to open up about your character defects like me, know there is support out there for you too.

Our team can help by providing tips on how to get started or connecting you with one of our professionals who can provide guidance and insight into your specific situation.

You deserve nothing less than true healing and we want what’s best for you! Let us know if we can be helpful at all during this process.”