Daily Reflections June 24

I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I am beginning to understand that my addiction is not a character flaw or something that defines who I am. It’s just something in my life, and like most things in life, it can be managed well if you’re willing to put some time into it.

That’s what has been happening on this daily reflections blog post series for me so far–I’ve been putting a lot of work into managing my addiction and recognizing how much more there is for me out there if I make myself better.

So maybe sometimes people do grow up after all…or at least they learn to stop drinking so much!

Daily Reflections June 24

We are only operating a spiritual kindergarten in which people are enabled to get over drinking and find the grace to go on living to better effect.


When I came to A.A., the only thing on my mind was drinking and how much it had ravaged me in life, so when a friend advised that AA might be good for me, I decided not just to show up—but stay for awhile.

One woman told her story of finding God as she understood Him here at this meeting; suddenly everyone around seemed like they were talking about religion!

The counselors began speaking with us individually after we shared our stories, telling each person what their Higher Power could look like if alcohol hadn’t taken over every aspect of their lives from desperation through withdrawal symptoms all the way until death itself threatened them again and again…

I was always convinced that I could never live without alcohol. Then one day, the obsession to drink it went away and now my life continues on- a little differently than before but still living nonetheless.

The obsession was removed when I got ahold of the program, one day at a time my life went on as if nothing ever happened with alcohol addiction even though it wasn’t easy.

I’m not sure why but from an early age drinking seemed like something everyone did in moderation or only once every few weeks while socializing over dinner parties or such occasions where wine flowed freely.

After drinking for so long, I found it hard to give up. There were many moments where the obsession was my only thought – but then one day I looked in the mirror and saw that this could be more than just a vague dream of sobriety.

And with Power as my guide, every day felt like another victory until an addiction turned into something else entirely: living soberly.

I had been obsessed with alcohol for too long when at last came face-to-face with myself in front of a mirror; suddenly all those days spent crawling out from under bottles seemed pointless because they didn’t lead me anywhere new or better – not even close!

I used to be an alcoholic and I found salvation in Alcoholics Anonymous.

My life hasn’t been the same since. If you want help with your drinking problem, here’s what helped me get sober – coming into A.A., giving myself time to recover from alcoholism, getting a Higher Power, being open-minded about how that Higher Power could come through my understanding of God as defined by me (not any one doctrine), and just taking it day by day…without alcohol!