Daily Reflections September 18

I was at a bar last night and had an interesting experience with my drink. I ordered a vodka martini and the bartender asked me what kind of vodka I wanted, so I said that it doesn’t matter.

He then told me that if I want to taste how good their expensive vodka is, they should use Grey Goose instead of the cheap stuff.

So he made me this really nice martini and when I took a sip, it tasted like water! It wasn’t worth the $14 price tag because it didn’t have any alcohol in it.

Now I’m not saying all fancy drinks are bad for you, but try to avoid these types of bars where bartenders take advantage of your ignorance about alcoholic drinks!

Daily Reflections September 18

Our whole treasured philosophy of self-sufficiency had to be cast aside. This had not been done with old-fashioned willpower; it was instead a matter of developing the willingness to accept these new facts of living. We neither ran nor fought. But accept we did. And then we were free.


I can be free of my old self, the one that used to hold me back.

It’s not easy but after a while I recognize and believe in what is good within myself; this becomes clear when you look deep into your own eyes because there will be light coming out on its own if it hasn’t already started shining through yet!

We all have been loved by our Higher Power who has performed an ongoing miracle inside us so we never give up even though life may feel like nothing but obstacles at times–we’re here for each other now more than ever before as friends or family . And then finally: “I am grateful.”

I am grateful. Today, when I think about the future, it is with hope that my life will become more meaningful and fulfilling.

Living sober has given me a chance to feel alive in ways that are good for me and good for others around me.

My old self was an enslaving one- so much so that even though addiction consumed most of my time, there were always parts of myself left untouched by its grasp.

It’s not easy being free from your old self – but you can do it! You deserve happiness and sobriety awaits if you want them both enough to work hard at finding them through recovery.”