Daily Reflections May 19

It’s May 19th and a new day of possibilities lies ahead. Whether you’re struggling with the emotional toll of alcoholism or in recovery, this is another opportunity to choose love rather than fear – to make choices that bring light into our lives and push us closer towards hope.

Today is your chance to practice self-reflection, look within yourself and find what has been holding you back. This blog post can be a reminder for those who are going through difficult times – it’s never too late to transform your life from darkness into joy filled illumination!

Daily Reflections May 19

And he well knows that his own life has been made richer, as an extra dividend of giving to another without any demand for a return.


When I first encountered the concept of giving without expecting anything in return, it was perplexing. Suspicions accompanied my initial thoughts until I understood why others wanted to help me on this journey – because they cared enough that well-being and hope could be a part of sobriety’s reality.

As time went by, my attitude changed as did my desire to share what had now become abundantly clear: life beyond alcohol addiction can be beautiful!

This inner peace brought about from surrendering myself into God’s loving embrace creates an unfathomable richness which allows for humble support when passing it down onto fellow travelers seeking strength and stability.

A lesson I’ve learned through my journey of recovery is having the courage to give without expectation. Although it may have been difficult for me to accept help in the beginning, I now understand that we are all here to help each other and carry one another up.

In moments when I feel anxious as I want others to see the joys of sobriety, taking a step back to reflect reminds me that although it’s nice to be part of someone else’s journey, we should never lose sight of our own.

Ultimately, taking the path of least resistance and giving without expecting anything in return teaches us the power of kindness. May 19 can be a reminder that gratitude fosters growth and peace – something I have experienced first hand through my early reluctance to accept support but never forgetting its importance to my wellbeing.