Daily Reflections May 16

Today is a day to celebrate the progress you’ve made in your journey of sobriety. Maybe it has been several months or even years since your last drink – whatever extent of time you have achieved, take some time to appreciate yourself for choosing this life.

We understand that sobriety sounds like an intimidatingly unachievable dream; however, with the right resources and support from a community of people who have experienced similar struggles as yours, we can help provide the strength and inspiration needed to continue pushing forward towards recovery.

Today’s blog post focuses on how daily reflections are essential steps on this path of self-fulfillment and growth.

Daily Reflections May 16

Often it was while working on this Step with our sponsors or spiritual advisers that we first felt truly able to forgive others, no matter how deeply we felt they had wronged us.  Our moral inventory had persuaded us that all-round forgiveness was desirable, but it was only when we resolutely tackled Step Five that we inwardly knew we’d be able to receive forgiveness and give it, too.


Letting go of resentment and forgiving others is one of the most liberating feelings. It can be an incredible revelation about ourselves – showing our emotional, psychological, and spiritual strength as we choose to move on from past grievances.

All it takes is a willingness to forgive – with God’s help, what may seem impossible could become possible!

As I sit here and reflect on the events of this day, I can only marvel at how much I was able to learn. It’s a humbling experience to be able to recognize one’s own self-limitations and then do the inner work required to release them.

Moving beyond those self-limitations is what leads us closer to our true potential, so forgiveness holds great value in terms of helping us get there. May we all take this moment today in order to remember that amazing feeling of having been forgiven, and may it inspire us all to practice being more forgiving toward ourselves as well as others.

God knows what lies ahead and He promises that through Him all things are possible – let’s allow ourselves time each day for our own personal reflection, so that more possibilities OPEN UP for us!