Daily Reflections March 3

Today is the beginning of a new day, and with it comes an opportunity to approach life from a different perspective. If you are in recovery from alcohol addiction, this can be daunting!

It’s natural to think back on all that you have gone through just to get here and feel overwhelmed by everything happening around you. The good news is that even small changes made today can set in motion a bigger ripple effect down the road–allowing yourself time for daily reflections will provide clarity and insight.

March 3rd is no exception- let us make use of our resources as we start off this journey together!

Daily Reflections March 3

So our troubles, we think, are basically of our own making. They arise out of ourselves, and the alcoholic is an extreme example of self-will run riot, though he usually doesn’t think so. Above everything, we alcoholics must be rid of this selfishness. We must, or it kills us!


By embracing the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have taken steps to break free from the grip that self-centeredness and pride had on my life.

These new opportunities gave me a chance to recognize myself as part of problem in many situations instead of simply pointing out blame elsewhere; this also helped foster an awareness within me, allowing for an understanding between expectations and serenity.

Ultimately, by letting go of these attitudes – through communal support systems such as AA meetings or sponsorships – it’s become easier for me appreciate moments where true peace can be found in sobriety.

In times of stress and challenge, I have learned it is important to slow down and take a step back. I now have an understanding that my own pride can be my downfall if I let it get in the way of progress.

Through the grace of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have also gained insight into how to reframe old patterns and habitually seek counsel from outside sources in order to manage my ego. With this newfound understanding, I can strive for more serenity amidst all of life’s normal ups and downs.

Most importantly, if life presents hard tests, I know that by leaning on the support of the Fellowship and taking action to implement new habits, then peace of mind is possible. With humility and courage, my Authentic Self will remain victorious over my Ego Self.