Daily Reflections May 1

For anyone walking the difficult path to sobriety, times like these can be particularly overwhelming and challenging. Many of us may feel as though we’re unable to get a handle on our lives when faced with so much unrest in our world right now.

That’s why it’s especially important that we stay focused on ourselves and try to tune out anything distracting from what matters most – and that is taking care of your mind, body, soul, and recovery journey.

This May 1st marks yet another day for you along this path; so let’s pause today to reflect and identify new strategies for managing triggers such as stress or depression during these unprecedented times.

Daily Reflections May 1

Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.


God’s presence is all around, yet too often in our lives we remove ourselves from the senses of His love. We hide away or put up walls that separate us from others and consequently He as well.

Yet if we can open our hearts to those who surround us- be it family members, friends, co-workers – then loveliness beyond measure will come forth for both them and us.

Through facing out fears though may not always be comfortable at first but ultimately through this vulnerability peace lies ahead; only by entering into darkness are you able to find lightness once again within your life!

Ultimately, only I can choose to accept and be vulnerable enough to heal through reflection. Looking within is like a compass- it will show me true north, guiding me towards wholeness of mind, heart and spirit.

The practice of daily reflection carries the potential to open up my life so that I may make space for love, joy, and grace from God. As I reflect on today’s lesson and the implications on my life journey, I am reminded that it is not a bad thing to allow myself some vulnerability; in fact it is just the opposite.

It’s powerful and courageous to lean into vulnerability rather than masking it or pushing it away – for this is how we uncover insight about ourselves. Steadfastly reflecting on these truths enables me to confront my fears, nurture transformation and discover peace in stillness.

Together let us take on this personal challenge together – to remember our secrets as messengers of liberation rather than devices of oppression.