Daily Reflections June 28

June 28th is a time of reflection for all alcoholics. In the heart of recovery, it’s a special day to look back and appreciate how far you have come in your journey.

From the moment that we take our first steps into sobriety, every new morning provides another opportunity to make progress and take control of our lives again.

On this particular day, why not use June 28th as an important reminder of this hard-fought dedication? Reflect on both your successes and mistakes along the way with courage and resilience – no matter where you are on your path today or what battles lay ahead.

Daily Reflections June 28

A year and six months later these three had succeeded with seven more.


Without the devotion of those who founded A.A., our organization may not have been so fortunate to stand tall today.

Everywhere, meetings take place daily – rain or shine – and across all times of day for anyone in need to lean on throughout their journey towards sobriety with open arms & empathy no matter where they go seeking help from within/without.

For if we too were once at rock bottom facing insurmountable hurdles without any comforts nor foundation, it would be easily tempting to opt out and succumb back into living life as usual before now..

I count myself fortunate to have found A.A. and the comfort, fellowship, and healing it has given me. Thinking of those who came before us at the start of this new day fills me with immense admiration and gratitude.

It is through their heroic courage that we today have the chance and support structure to stay strong in our commitment to remain sober—a gift that we should never take for granted. Their continuing contributions remind us all of the power of enduring faith and determination, even in times of great hardship.

As A.A.’s Third Legacy states: “We keep what we have by giving it away” (page 563). Today let us reflect on how lucky we are to have found this program, and consider how we can share these joys by extending a helping hand to others who suffer from alcohol addiction.