Daily Reflections March 1

As you live this first day of March, know that you don’t have to face it alone. Many alcoholics are gathered here, navigating life without relying on the dangerous crutch of alcohol to sustain them.

Although your present circumstances may be challenging and difficult, remember that a brighter future awaits — one where sobriety reigns supreme. With dedication and hard work each day, you can find the strength and courage necessary to counter cravings while reaching out for support from those who understand what it takes to quit drinking for good.

Here’s hoping today is another step in the right direction towards healing and self-discovery along your path of recovery!

Daily Reflections March 1

It works—it really does.


When I made the decision to get sober, Alcoholics Anonymous was my sole source of hope. Although fear and desperation were great motivations for me in getting clean, ultimately it was hearing about how others found strength through faith that ignited a spark within me; something greater than myself existed out there!

With an open mind and willingness to live by AA’s principles, I soon discovered this Higher Power could give me what I sought – serenity amidst life’s struggles. And now with unwavering belief in its power along side dedication to maintain my sobriety, recovery is truly possible – because it works!

It is reassuring and heartening to witness the testimony of those who have already followed this road to sobriety and found comfort in a higher power of their own understanding.

In December 2020, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that 15.5 million people aged 12 and older estimated that they had misused alcohol alone in the past year, suggesting that unfortunately, challenges with substance use are enduringly present within society.

Yet by sharing our stories with one another and striving together towards a state of greater serenity through the strength of fellowship, we can defy those statistics and continue to nurture our spiritual growth, so that we may reach an abiding faith and find true joy in living Well.