Daily Reflections January 4

This is a post that I hope will help you get through your day. It’s not easy, but we’re in this together. We all have the same goal: sobriety and happiness.

If you can lend me an ear for just one minute, I’ll tell you how to distract yourself from the urges when they come up today.

First of all, if there are any triggers around (people drinking alcohol or anything else that reminds you of when you drank) then try to avoid them at all costs!

Once they’re gone, take some time to look back on what triggered the urge in the first place and think about why it might be happening now instead of later in life.

Daily Reflections January 4

We feel that elimination of our drinking is but a beginning. A much more important demonstration of our principles lies before us in our respective homes, occupations and affairs.


It’s usually pretty easy for me to be pleasant when I’m in an A.A setting, but at home or work it can sometimes feel more challenging.

It is particularly difficult and frustrating if someone makes assumptions about my drinking without knowing the whole story- which happens from time to time due just because society drinks so much alcohol!

In those instances where you catch yourself being judgmental towards another human beings’ problems with substance abuse (whether they’re related directly or indirectly), remember that there are many different types of “alcoholics.”

If you find yourself in a situation where it’s difficult to be pleasant, remember that we’re all on the same side and fighting for the same thing. We can do this together!

Reach out and say hello or ask how someone is doing today. You’ll likely get more of what you want with less effort if your intention is good-natured.

There are lots of opportunities around us every day for us to make connections and show appreciation–and these things will help keep our relationships strong both inside and outside A.A..

So let’s go ahead and take some time right now to think about ways we could extend ourselves to others within our program while continuing work towards staying sober – not just today but every day!