Daily Reflections July 9

Every day I am faced with the same struggle. The urge to drink alcohol is always there, constantly lurking in the back of my mind.

It’s a daily battle that never seems to end. But what keeps me going are these little moments that make life worth living and worth fighting for.

Those fleeting thoughts when I realize how much better off I am without alcohol in my life, those memories of the past where drinking led me down a dark path, and most importantly, you guys!

Whether it’s your support or just reading about someone else who has been through this journey and made it out on the other side (like myself), blogging helps keep me strong while dealing with addiction every day.

Daily Reflections July 9

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.


Even though being humble is difficult, it does not mean that we should think less of ourselves. We need to accept compliments gracefully and learn from our mistakes so that we can become better people in the future.

God can only do for me what He can do through me, and this is why humility will always be the result of knowing that God does everything.

In light of this awareness, how could I take pride in my accomplishments? My ego should not get involved because any work I seem to have done was simply being done by God.

Every day when it comes time for a meeting with other members at A.A., they ask that he removes all their shortcomings so they may more freely go about loving each other during service meetings instead of letting themselves dwindle into darkness and despair under the weightless burden on its shoulders which causes such immense pressure upon those who carry it!

With humility, I am able to see the good things in me and my life that God has done. It is from this place of awareness that I can take pride in myself without being boastful; with humility, we are free to receive compliments graciously because they come from a recognition of our own limitations.

If you’re struggling with how to stay humble or if it’s something you struggle with as well, read through these verses on what it means to be humble- don’t give up!

You’ll find encouragement here for your journey towards more self worth.