Daily Reflections December 18

Are you feeling discouraged and dejected in your journey to sobriety? You’re not alone. There are many of us out there who have experienced a similar path to sobriety and today’s reflection is specifically for those of us struggling with alcohol addiction.

As we end this year, reflect on December 18th and the challenges that have come our way. Understand that even if you fall off track from time-to-time, it’s never too late to start again or continue on your path of recovery.

Together let’s pause, take a deep breath and look inward at how far we’ve come; it will be worth the momentary stillness before setting off into tomorrow – embracing perseverance.

Daily Reflections December 18

Tell him exactly what happened to you.  Stress the spiritual feature freely.


My experience with A.A. has been truly miraculous, and it’s all about my journey to sobriety – not offering advice or a false promise of recovery.

I am grateful for the Higher Power that gives me strength each day; without them I wouldn’t be able to share this valuable insight with others who are seeking guidance on their own journeys towards sobriety.

It is amazing how much of a change A.A. has made in my life and I feel a duty to share my experience with others. I share openly to hopefully lead someone else down the path of sobriety, giving them what was given to me – grace from a higher power.

When I tell newcomers about my experience, I don’t feel the need to give advice because all they need to know is that sobriety is possible and that the spiritual feature of A.A.’s program can make it so. It’s hard work sometimes, but it’s worth it in the end and I’m grateful everyday for it.

Ultimately, my goal is help others on their own journey into sobriety, just as someone was with me. The impact of each person’s daily reflections can echo through time; sharing experiences helps create paths towards meaningful and successful lives ahead.