Daily Reflections December 15

If you are an alcoholic in recovery, the holiday season can bring a unique set of challenges. For many, holidays are a time of celebration and gathering with loved ones.

But if alcohol has been part of your lifestyle for years, it could be difficult to face festivities without that dependence on mind-altering substances. If you’re currently grappling with addiction issues, take a breath; December 15th is here and reflection is key to staying strong.

Here we will focus on daily reflections from experienced individuals who have gone through recovery—they can help motivate and guide your journey towards sobriety this holiday season!

Daily Reflections December 15

Offer him [the alcoholic] friendship and fellowship. Tell him that if he wants to get well you will do anything to help.


When I first encountered those two guys from A.A., I was taken aback by their selfless kindness – they wanted nothing more than for me to choose my own journey toward recovery, and offered unconditional support on the way there.

But when it comes time to lend a helping hand myself, sometimes it’s easy to forget how comfortable that made me feel as an overwhelmed newcomer.

My own experience in recovery has shown me the importance of being there for those who have not yet discovered what it means to live free from their addiction. While I’ve been fortunate enough to receive help from those further along the path, I must remember that each person’s journey is unique and cannot be forced upon them.

Our job as AA members is to extend our hands and our hearts so that we can demonstrate compassion and solidarity. My take away on this day of reflection: remain open-minded, treat others with kindness and generosity, and be willing to listen.

It isn’t enough for us to simply want someone else to venture out on the road of recovery – we must act by exemplifying how beneficial it can be to stand firmly in their truth and live freely from addiction.