Daily Reflections August 8

It can be a challenge to stay sober each day, especially when the world around us is filled with temptation. Today, let’s focus on reflecting and being grateful for our sobriety as we think about the 8th of August.

Whether you measure your sobriety in days, months or years – acknowledging that accomplishment is something truly special and unique to each individual’s journey.

As we work together today to reflect on this day it should serve as an encouragement and reminder of just how far you have come since starting your road towards a sober life.

Daily Reflections August 8

Made a list of all persons we had harmed, . . .


Reflecting on my mistakes, I am reminded that there must always be a willingness to amend wrongdoings. Even if some of the hurt I have inflicted wasn’t bad – it still weighed heavily in my heart with guilt.

But looking towards a peaceful mind, this Step has taught me that such feelings can be cleansed through honesty and humility – by allowing myself to become willing to make those changes and seeking guidance from above wherever possible.

With faith we can open ourselves up for transformation and find harmony within our minds once more!

The Eighth Step provided me with the motivation and tools to take back control of my life and move forward. Ultimately it helped me find my way back to trusting myself, as well as being forgiving of both myself and those I hurt.

There was a beautiful truth in the process: when I allowed myself to reflect on all that has happened, without judgement or guilt, I began to heal. That healing provided an amazing feeling of freedom that I can never fully express the beauty of! We all make mistakes, but it is so important to remember that we are our own biggest supporters.

It takes tremendous strength to face our faults and take responsibility for them. Looking through this lens of self-acceptance has been life-changing for me – a reminder that we all fall sometimes, but with the right kind of support, we all have the power to get up again.