Daily Reflections September 4

I am a recovering alcoholic. It is not easy to be a recovering alcoholic, but it has been worth the pain and struggle.

I have found that if I keep my focus on what is important in life, such as family and friends, then I won’t be tempted by alcohol.

As long as I stay focused on these things then everything will work out for me.

Daily Reflections September 4

Yes, there is a long period of reconstruction ahead. . . .— ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 83

As I work towards my recovery, the reconstruction of my life is a prime goal.

The task is most successfully accomplished by working the Steps of our Fellowship. Without guidance and strength from God, it would be impossible to move through this process efficiently.

My spiritual journey started with Step Two, and ended after I finished the final phase of my initial Steps in a state of reconstruction without any guidance or strength from God.

Step Two was one step on my path to developing a spiritual life.

The second stage occurred when you’d been working through your first nine steps which taught how to live spiritually for some time now but feel unable to do so alone because it’s impossible without support from others and following guidelines laid out by your higher power.

When I have the realization that God did what I couldn’t do for myself, by removing my compulsion to drink, it shows me how much he really cares about this.

It’s up to me every day though to seek his guidance and know that even when things get tough; He will make sure everything works out in the end.

I’ve been sober for a year and am confident that my sobriety will be permanent.

It takes hard work, but the task of reconstructing my life is most successfully accomplished by working Steps One through Nine which teach me how to live a spiritual life.

Step Two started me on this journey; Step Nine allows me to move into the final phase of those initial steps which taught me how to live a spiritual life.

The end result has helped make this past year one in which I have grown spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically in ways unimaginable when I first made contact with our Fellowship or put down drink after drink so many years ago.