Daily Reflections September 14

On September 14, take a break from your usual routine and reflect on your day. Think about the choices you made, both good and bad, and what you can do differently tomorrow.

Be honest with yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Tomorrow is a new day, and you can always start fresh. Take a few minutes to write in your journal about your thoughts and feelings, or share them with someone close to you. Enjoy your evening, and be sure to drink responsibly!

Daily Reflections September 14

Do we lay the matter before our sponsor or spiritual adviser, earnestly asking God’s help and guidance — meanwhile resolving to do the right thing when it becomes clear, cost what it may?


I believe my faith in a Higher Power is an essential part of the work on Step Nine; forgiveness, timing and right motives are other ingredients.

My willingness to do that step has opened doors for new relationships with those who have harmed me before as well as helped strengthen old ones by learning more about myself through reflection on what I did wrong or how someone else might feel during these painful memories we’re able to heal from together now!

Though its not always easy peace-of-mind will soon follow once you take responsibility for your actions but first let’s start today…

At this point there should be something like “Peace prevails because love reigns supreme!”

I have found it is possible to be in recovery and live my life without the burden of resentment. When I am faced with difficult decisions, I ask myself which option will bring me closer to spiritual principles like love and service.

Asking for help when needed has helped me stay sober day by day, moment by moment. Forgiveness opens up new possibilities that are better than what was before; one can never know how this may unfold until they are willing to take a chance on forgiveness.

It’s not always easy but it helps if you believe there is something greater out there waiting for us all.”