Daily Reflections April 19

“I don’t know what’s on your mind tonight, but I’m thinking about the drink. A tall glass of vodka with a lemon twist would be perfect right now.”

“I can feel it calling to me—it wants me back again. It taunts me with its sweet siren song…”

This is how alcoholics are often found at night when they are struggling to stay sober and fighting against their addiction.

The last thing that they want is another drink, yet this persistent craving for alcohol never leaves them alone until it gets satisfied one way or another.

Daily Reflections April 19

We recovered alcoholics are not so much brothers in virtue as we are brothers in our defects, and in our common strivings to overcome them.

 AS BILL SEES IT, p. 167

I never knew how to care for others. It is a new and exciting feeling that I have been given the ability- through A.A., God, their Fellowship–to do something about this deficiency:

To know someone’s sadness; joy in their triumph; horror at some tragedy or sorrow over an injustice done them (or it could be hopeful anticipating what might happen).

These feelings can only enrich my life if allowed full expression without boundaries set up against yourself because there are people who will want relief from your pain too!

“The Fellowship of A.A., and God, are teaching me how to care about others.” The idea that one alcoholic feels connected with another is a feeling I can relate to personally because alcoholism runs in my family as well; it’s something we all share.

That connection has led me here today—to this meeting where people like myself gather together for support and the hope of recovery from addiction.

If you’re an addict who needs help fighting your demons or if you know someone else who does but doesn’t think they need it yet – please come out to our next meeting so we can talk more about what this fellowship means to us-if not just for now then maybe forever!