Daily Reflections November 7

It’s day seven of abstaining from alcohol, and you can already feel the difference that living soberly has made. It may not be easy, but you’ve come so far and have worked hard to build a better future for yourself. As daunting as breaking free from the downward spiral of alcoholism may seem, taking it one day at a time is essential.

Today’s reflection is an important step in helping to create an even more positive outlook on life. Allow today’s focus on gratitude to help redefine your perspective and keep you motivated for what lies ahead – sober living!

Daily Reflections November 7

. . . praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.


Connecting with a higher power can be incredibly powerful when letting go of whatever is causing us suffering. Allowing God to take over and trusting that He will allow the worries, thoughts and attitudes to dissipate in turn helps foster clarity of thought which then leads only towards wise decisions.

Though it may seem hard at first, taking this step back from those burdensome feelings creates an opportunity for peace and understanding amidst difficult times.

As we reflect on these words and this crisp November day, let us take a deep breath and find solace in the divine gift of reflection. The simple act of taking one day at a time can give us the clarity to recognize that is it OK to receive help from God and accept His grace and mercy when things become difficult.

We can have comfort knowing that by embracing sobriety, whatever life challenges come our way will be surmountable.

May we take a moment to appreciate how God understands each and every one of us, hears our cries for hope, and gives us strength to face any situation with courage, faith, and victory!