Daily Reflections November 6

November 6th marks a new day of reflection for all of us who are overcoming our struggles with alcohol. Whether it’s been days, weeks, months or even years since you’ve had a drink, today is a time to express gratitude for the progress you have made and reflect on where your journey has taken you thus far.

There have likely been plenty of ups and downs along the way – moments that tested your strength – but each trial is an opportunity to become stronger and more resilient than before.

So take some time today to be gentle with yourself and truly appreciate every step forward as proof that recovery isn’t just possible – it’s achievable!

Daily Reflections November 6

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him. . . .


Every morning, I start my day with an earnest and meaningful prayer to the Lord. This simple request centers me on His will as well as how He wants me to be – relaxed, tranquil of heart yet mentally sharpened in presence.

Taking a few moments aside from words helps guide my spiritual journey throughout each passing hour of every day; learning powerful lessons and insights that no language can match nor truly describe.

Taking a few moments each day to reflect on the blessings that I have can make a huge difference in how my day will go. When I take the time to feel thankful and recognize all of the wonderful aspects of my life, it brings positivity and joy which make all kinds of good things possible.

Yes, difficult days come, but with grace and patience, I know that when I stay open-minded and focused on gratitude, I can find solutions that nourish me, restore faith in myself, and bring me closer to God. As such, I can comprehend true peace knowing that through these daily reflections, I am prepared for what life has to offer.