Daily Reflections May 10

The first step of Alcoholics Anonymous is admitting that you are powerless over alcohol. The next step is to believe in a power greater than yourself.

If you’re not sure where to start, I’m here for you! Check out this blog post on Daily Reflections for some inspiration.

Daily Reflections May 10

Another great dividend we may expect from confiding our defects to another human being is humility – a word often misunderstood. . . . it amounts to a clear recognition of what and who we really are, followed by a sincere attempt to become what we could be.TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 58

I didn’t know how to be happy and free until I took the Fifth Step. After doing so, my joy filled me with a sense of relief like nothing else could at that time in life for myself or alcohol–freedom which remains today; 36 years later!

All thanks go up to Him because He made things better than good enough-and His grace keeps us going when times seem dark as night

A few weeks ago an old friend from high school reached out asking if we wanted to reconnect by phone every other week since he had been feeling lonely among his busy work schedule over here while also managing family responsibilities back home…

It is hard to imagine the profound transformation that takes place in our lives when we find a way out of bondage.

I found sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous, and 36 years later it remains one day at a time by taking my Fifth Step with another person who had experienced similar struggles.

The relief was beyond description. And for me, finding God has meant freedom from self-bondage as well as alcohol abuse.

Today you can experience these same transformations if you are willing. Let us help guide your journey today!