Daily Reflections April 28

It’s easy to get complacent in recovery. We might start to believe that we’re immune to relapse because we’re doing well in sobriety.

But the truth is, every day is a new opportunity for us to slip up and fall back into our old ways. That’s why it’s so important to stay mindful and vigilant throughout our journey of recovery.

Today, let’s reflect on how we can stay on track and avoid relapse.

Daily Reflections April 28

All A.A. progress can be reckoned in terms of just two words: humility and responsibility. Our whole spiritual development can be accurately measured by our degree of adherence to these magnificent standards.AS BILL SEES IT, p. 271

To acknowledge and respect the views, accomplishments, or prerogatives of others is what defines humility.

Accepting being wrong shows me how to practice this principle in all affairs guided by A.A’s Fifth Tradition which says “We were conceived sober”

This credence gives Great events for these recovering alcoholics are normal everyday joys found living another day thanksgiving despite their struggles with addiction

The principles of Alcoholics Anonymous are worth sharing with anyone who wants to live a life that is free from the ravages of addiction, regardless of whether they’re an alcoholic.

These values have served me well in my recovery and I believe they can serve many others as well.

Have you found any value in these AA principles?