Daily Reflections March 30

Each day, we face challenges and temptations. For alcoholics, these can be especially tough.

But by taking things one day at a time, we can make progress on our road to recovery.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the challenges and temptations that might come up today, and how we can overcome them.

Daily Reflections March 30

“. . . sometimes the good is the enemy of the best.” ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS COMES OF AGE, p. 101

Every day I think about these words from Alcoholics Anonymous; they are the essence of what we should be striving for in our group discussions.

These three legacies – Recovery, Unity and Service- were originally said by founder Bill W when he had his conscience relived upon hearing them recited as true Traditions within AAs life: “Our leaders are but trusted servants… They do not govern”.

It is so important that even if you feel like your opinion doesn’t matter or count at times during a conversation/discussion with friends around alcohol use disorder (not just addiction), please don’t forget this passage because it really hits close to home!

I think that these words, spoken by cofounder Bill W., were appropriately said to him as the result of the group’s conscience. It brought home to Bill W. the essence of our Second Tradition:

“Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.” When we discuss things in meetings or have discussions with members outside of meetings, it is important for us never settle on “good enough.”

We should always strive for improvement and betterment so that one day when people look at A.A., they will see a program full of unity and service!