Daily Reflections March 21

Some people may think that once you’re an alcoholic, you’re always an alcoholic. That’s simply not true. Like anyone else, alcoholics can and do recover.

Today is my first day of being sober in months, and I’m feeling nervous but hopeful. I know I can do this – for myself and for my loved ones.

I’ll be checking in here every day to document my journey and share any insights or tips that I come across. Wish me luck!

Daily Reflections March 21

Fear . . . of economic insecurity will leave us.ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 84

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is full of wonderful wisdom, but it’s not always easy to apply.

One passage in particular finally made sense when I read about how spiritual progress was guaranteed while material well-being followed: “We have had more joy and peace since we believed than at any time before then” (p127).

It became clear that my fear was related because without a belief system -or faith as these people call life on earth-, there would be nothing worth living for!

It’s a guarantee that as your spiritual well-being improves, you will improve financially. That is why we say in A.A., “We never had any money worries because our recovery was guaranteed!”

What does this mean for you? When fear starts to creep up on you and those economic circumstances don’t seem so great right now, remember there are solutions out there beyond what the outside world has to offer.

Stay sober today and let us help with all of your financial needs tomorrow—we have been where you are before and can get you back on track too!