Daily Reflections March 14

Today we will be discussing one of the most important aspects of recovery: self-reflection.

Though it can be difficult to take a step back and look at ourselves objectively, doing so is key to progress.

Today, let’s examine how we can reflect on our own actions and behaviors in order to improve our sobriety.

Daily Reflections March 14

He is the Father, and we are His children. Most good ideas are simple, and this concept was the keystone of the new and triumphant arch through which we passed to freedom.ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 62

The keystone of an arch is the wedge-shaped piece that locks all other pieces in place.

Steps One, Two and Four through Twelve work together as one unitary structure with weight distribution evenly distributed across each step’s individual components to create balance for stability; if you remove either stone from this equation?

It will cause imbalance which easily leads back up into movement or collapse altogether!

Twelve Steps to Freedom. With the help of a sponsor, I was able to find out that my addiction could be overcome with simple daily steps like prayer and meditation.

The Twelve Steps are not designed for one person but many people who have found themselves in need of support from others also struggling with addiction or other issues.

These twelve steps became important tools for me as I sought freedom from alcohol abuse disorder through Alcoholics Anonymous.