Daily Reflections June 5

Do you struggle with drinking or alcohol abuse? Have you been sober for a while and are looking to maintain your sobriety?

This blog post is going to be helpful as it will provide some daily reflections that can help keep your mind off of the urge to drink.

I’ve been there before so know what it’s like, but realize I’m not alone in this battle.

Daily Reflections June 5

“This is the Step that separates the men from the boys.”. . . the difference between “the boys and the men” is the difference between striving for a self-determined objective and for the perfect objective which is of God. . . . It is suggested that we ought to become entirely willing to aim toward perfection. . . . The moment we say, “No, never!” our minds close against the grace of God. . . . This is the exact point at which we abandon limited objectives, and move toward God’s will for us.TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, pp. 63, 68, 69

There are many ways I haven’t been the best person.

But now, remembering that my intentions and desires can be selfishly motivated, along with my knowledge being limited (which is a given for me), if there’s anything I should do before God takes away this thing called life from me… it would to realize what He wants His will to be through Him in order for myself not have more defects of character!

Am I ready to surrender my old life of sin?

To answer that, let’s examine the real root of all this.

We are sinful creatures but we have a savior who can save us; if only we ask for help and recognize our need for it. If you’re not sure where your hope is coming from anymore or what purpose you might serve in this world — don’t worry because God always has something up His sleeve!

I am ready to embrace God’s will for my life. The truth is, it’s not easy to be perfect on our own and that’s why Jesus came!

He wants us all to come home with Him so we can live in His presence forever.

Thank you for taking the time read through this blog post and I hope it has helped answer your questions or given you a new perspective on things!