Daily Reflections January 16

It can be tough to stay on track when you’re trying to get sober. Every day is a new challenge, and sometimes it feels like you’re the only one fighting the good fight.

But that’s not true! There are plenty of people out there who are rooting for you, including your fellow alcoholics.

Today, take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come and how much support you have. You can do this!

Daily Reflections January 16

Why all this insistence that every A.A. must hit bottom first? The answer is that few people will sincerely try to practice the A.A. program unless they have hit bottom. For practicing A.A.’s remaining eleven Steps means the adoption of attitudes and actions that almost no alcoholic who is still drinking can dream of taking.TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p, 24

Hitting bottom opened my mind and I became willing to try something different.

What A.A did for me was give a little help when it came down to taking that first step, but in the end what kept me sober were those Steps we all need: they’re like training wheels on our bikes or an arm around your shoulder cheering you through each day’s challenge – no matter how tough things get!

I have been sober for over a year now. Life is better without alcohol, and this time around it seems to be permanent.

When the going gets tough, there’s no need to throw in the towel or drink myself back into oblivion. Instead of drinking my problems away, I’m just as likely to pick up the phone today as any other day and call an A.A. friend who can offer support from their own experience living with alcoholism.”