Daily Reflections June 14

I am an alcoholic. I have been sober for three years, but when I drink, it’s like the past few years never happened.

It feels like there is no hope in my life because alcohol has taken everything from me. The last time I drank was six months ago and it took all the strength in my body to resist drinking again today after work.

Today, June 14th is Alcohol Awareness Day and I’m reflecting on what this day means to me as an alcoholic in recovery; that alcoholism doesn’t define who you are or who you can be if you’re willing to fight back against your addiction with all of your might.

Daily Reflections June 14

It is a design for living that works in rough going. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 15

In a time when I needed help most, A.A., the program that had helped me so much in my recovery from alcohol addiction turned out not only be there for support but also served as an invaluable resource on how to get through some real life problems- ones without drinking involved!

My faithless lover left town just after we graduated college; then two weeks later everything else went south -my job lost its funding, dad got diabetic news he didn’t want hearing at all…

It seemed like no matter what good thing happened or who was looking out for you –Alcoholics Anonymous would always have your back.”

I’m happy to say that it did. And, in my opinion, the principles of A.A., when put into practice not just with alcohol but also with life’s challenges and problems, can help anyone come out on top–sober or not.

What are some ways you’ve found success using these principles?

How have they helped you overcome your own struggles in life?

Share your stories below!