Daily Reflections January 31

Are you an alcoholic? Do you need to drink every day? If so, you’re not alone.

Millions of people around the world struggle with daily alcohol use. It can be difficult to break the habit, but it’s important to try.

Today, we’re going to talk about some ways to overcome alcoholism and stay sober.

Daily Reflections January 31

The unity of Alcoholics Anonymous is the most cherished quality our Society has. . . . We stay whole, or A.A. dies.TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 129

The Traditions are key elements in the ego deflation process necessary to achieve and maintain sobriety.

The First Tradition reminds me not take credit, or authority for my recovery; it is something that we share with others who have been through what I am going though now–a patient until became cured by Alcoholics Anonymous’ treatment methods which include humility as well.

Self-effacing elders built our ward without them maybe none of us would be alive today since they helped form this great organization where pride isn’t rewarded but rather crushed when one falls away from their path back into healing gracefully again !!!

I am in a position of service and humility, not one where my ego is inflated. The First Tradition reminds me not to take credit or authority for my recovery.

Placing our common welfare first reminds me that it’s important for people with addiction problems to get the help they need without being criticized by others who are still trying to recover themselves.

Self-effacing elders have built this program; if it weren’t for them, I doubt I would be alive today. Without the group, few alcoholics would ever recover from their illness.”