Daily Reflections January 11

Today marks the start of another day to continue your recovery journey, and if you are like many other recovering alcoholics, that provides mixed feelings. It can be difficult to find motivation when we have been fighting with this issue for so long; however, reflection can provide us with a path forward.

With every breakdown comes an opportunity for growth – each moment allows us to reflect and look at our experiences in a different light. On this January 11th, let’s take some time amongst our daily responsibilities to focus on being kinder to ourselves and finding positivity in our progress thus far.

Daily Reflections January 11

Only Step One, where we made the 100 percent admission we were powerless over alcohol, can be practiced with absolute perfection.


Despite thoroughly understanding the dangers of alcohol and feeling powerless to stop drinking, I found it difficult to accept that my life was out of control.

But after coming back into A.A., bruised from relapse, a profound truth became clear- Step One is only truly done when you give everything within you towards its completion.

Fortunately for me, this has proved true – each day since then has been free from drink due entirely to taking 100% responsibility with Step One!

Step One is an essential part of recovery from alcoholism, but it can be difficult to understand the demands and power of this step. All too often I have seen individuals relapsing because they simply weren’t ready to take responsibility for their addiction.

But what I have learned through my experience in A.A. is that if we stay true to our commitment to recovery and embrace this crucial first step, then we can remain confident that we are taking the right steps towards lasting sobriety.

Today, five months into my sobriety journey in A.A., I am immensely grateful that I was able to hold onto my hope and determination even when things seemed impossible, and to find strength in the knowledge that admitting our powerless over alcohol is the only way towards finding freedom from addiction.