Daily Reflections February 28

“I am a recovering alcoholic. It has been one day since I had alcohol and it already feels like so long ago.”

“My mind is clear, my emotions are more stable, and I feel as if my body is finally getting the rest it needs.”

“It’s hard to believe that this was just yesterday afternoon when I reached for another drink after what seemed like an eternity of sobriety.”

“One day at a time” – these words have never meant more than they do today.

Daily Reflections February 28

When told that our Society has no president having authority to govern it, no treasurer who can compel the payment of any dues, . . . our friends gasp and exclaim, “This simply can’t be. . . .” TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 132

When I finally made my way to A.A., the organization’s lack of treasurer was a bit shocking and it became apparent that there were many other people who felt this way about their experience with the program too because no dues had been paid in over two decades!

The early founders knew how much we alcoholic’s detested being manipulated so they put up barriers against such actions by requiring monetary contributions instead which allowed me (with an open mind) approach free from bias or any feelings negative towards those involved – including myself as well after having fell victim last time around when offered “something for nothing.”

A.A. is the only organization I have encountered where one does not have to pay for a service with money, in order to receive that same service.

This made my first experience with this type of program surprisingly enjoyable and motivating because there was no guilt or feeling used by those who wanted nothing from me but the chance to help someone else out of addiction.

The founders knew how important it would be for an alcoholic’s mindset when they are seeking recovery; which is why we will always continue our tradition of “getting something without giving anything up.”