Daily Reflections August 13

Today, August 13th, is a day for self-reflection. It can be difficult to overcome an addiction when every day presents constant struggles and temptations. However, today may just be the right time to take pause and evaluate how far you have come on your recovery journey so far.

By sharing these reflections with yourself each day as well as reaching out to your sober network, allow today’s challenges become easier to get through and realize that there is hope for tomorrow.

Daily Reflections August 13

. . . and third, having thus cleaned away the debris of the past, we consider how, with our newfound knowledge of ourselves, we may develop the best possible relations with every human being we know.


Gaining the courage, honesty, sincerity and willingness to take risks required for true humility can sometimes seem impossible. It takes immense strength to muster this power in ourselves alone – which is why we need a Higher Power to help us find these virtues within our hearts during times of hardship.

Miraculously, when all elements finally come together after enduring each one step at a time with patience and determination – it feels like an incredible weight being lifted off your shoulders as you proudly move forward on your spiritual journey towards growth and enlightenment!

Completing step eight is an incredible accomplishment, and I’d like to offer a big congratulations. You have demonstrated enormous tenacity and courage throughout this journey to spiritual growth.

Creating quiet moments for self-reflection can be challenging, but its results are well worth it. Our aim should not only be in completing each step, but also in creating opportunities that allow us to witness the moment-by-moment miracles of our lives.

As we recognize how amazing life truly is, we enhance our adoration for the power of transformation and connection with each other on a much deeper level. Even when things feel too hard at times, let’s remember that our real strength lies in finding the courage to persevere—because nothing truly beats unlocking the secrets of becoming your true self.