Daily Reflections August 12

Today can feel like a struggle if you’re in recovery from alcoholism. On days when the urge to drink can be so strong, it’s important to remember that you are not alone – and that finding freedom one day at a time is possible by taking things one step at a time. As many of us journey toward sobriety, reflecting on our experiences with gratitude and acceptance helps us gain perspective along the way.

Today’s Daily Reflection focuses on August 12th, providing support as you take this moment to remember how far you have come and regather your strength for striving ahead towards continued recovery.

Daily Reflections August 12

First, we take a look backward and try to discover where we have been at fault; next we make a vigorous attempt to repair the damage we have done; . . .


As a fledgling traveler on the refreshing path of recovery, I felt an unexpected peace that offered hope for a brighter tomorrow. But with it came the daunting task of examining my life and all its wrongs – painful as this was, it had to be done if I wanted true serenity in my future.

Overcoming fear and guilt became necessary steps towards reconciling any harm caused by me in the past; asking courageously for help enabled making amends which ultimately set myself free from deep-seated regret.

After a tumultuous journey, I understand now that facing the past is part of forging ahead. To find peace and start anew, we must confront our ghosts and sins.

I’ve made a commitment to make amends wherever possible, learn from the lessons, and try to put away destructive behaviors. It’s not easy retracing our steps – it demands courage and trust in a higher power.

But through our suffering, we can gain clarity around what really matters and build newfound respect for ourselves and others. We mustn’t be scared to live again after dark times; liberation lies beyond freedom from guilt and regret.

Our struggles will ultimately open us up to a better life: authentic relationships rooted in self-acceptance, compassion towards others, living intentionally with purpose each day. Together may we rise above our troubles so that one day together we shall soar.