Daily Reflections August 10

Hello alcoholics! Today is August 10th, and that means it’s time for another set of Daily Reflections. These reflections are meant to help keep you on track and moving forward in your recovery.

Today we’ll be discussing the importance of self-compassion, and how to show yourself some love when things get tough. So read on, and see how you can incorporate self-compassion into your daily routine.

Daily Reflections August 10

To a degree, he has already done this when taking moral inventory, but now the time has come when he ought to redouble his efforts to see how many people he has hurt, and in what ways,TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 77

I continue to grow in sobriety, and as I become more aware of myself as a person worthy of respect, it is with this knowledge that others deserve our care too.

In the process, we are able to see them not just people but individuals whom you’ve hurt before during your drinking days–people who were worth so much more than what they received from me or anyone else for that matter!

I need to do something about those wrongs done against us all because if one life has suffered then two will eventually come at the expense of yours alone – won’t you please take responsibility now?

With this in mind, I will endeavor to do better for the people who have been harmed by my drinking.

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