Daily Reflections August 1

Hello! Welcome back to Daily Reflections. Today’s topic is “I’m Not Perfect.”

I know, it sounds a little crazy right?

But this post is all about the need to be perfect in everything you do and how that can lead to major problems.

Let me explain…

The first step on your path towards recovery is admitting that you have a problem with alcohol abuse. This isn’t always easy for people but it’s necessary if you want a better life for yourself.

However, once you admit that there are some things wrong in your life because of drinking, what comes next?

You might think that the answer would be quitting right away or never drinking again – but actually no!

Daily Reflections August 1

The spiritual life is not a theory. We have to live it.ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 83

When I was new to the program, it felt like a terrible chore to participate in spirituality and live my life as an active member of this community.

Now that I am sober though, there’s nothing more important than living with certain beliefs and values dictated by our fellowship.

Spirituality has changed me for the better because now when things get tough or confusing out here on earth–I turn inward instead of turning back towards alcohol which used to be all too easy but no longer is given up easily at least through God who cares about us even if we don’t always feel His presence
If you want spiritual enlightenment without focusing solely on religion then this place might just have what you’re looking for!

I want to share my story with you because it is not just mine, but the story of many people who have learned that spirituality was what they had been seeking.

The spiritual aspect of this program saved me and continues to save lives every day in AA as well as other 12-step programs for those struggling with addiction.

If you are new or considering coming into a 12 step fellowship like Alcoholics Anonymous, please know that there is hope through these groups where we can find peace one day at a time by living our life on God’s terms.

It has brought so much joy back into my life that I would never trade it for anything else.

Thank you for reading!