Daily Reflections October 7

You may be wondering why I’m starting a blog post with the date, October 7. But it’s important, so bear with me.

Today marks day 1 of my sobriety. This is something that I have struggled with for years and have finally come to terms with that I need to address this issue head on.

Sobriety isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. I’m hopeful that by sharing my story and reflections every day, I can hold myself accountable and stay on track. Wish me luck!

Daily Reflections October 7

Continued to take personal inventory. . . .TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 88

The spiritual axiom referred to in the Tenth Step—“every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us”—also tells me that there are no exceptions.

No matter how unreasonable others may seem and regardless of what’s happening around me I will always have a prerogative; responsibility–to choose my own reality by taking regular inventory on myself every day.

And so when you next find yourself upset at someone else for being disruptive or annoying – remember: You’re probably judging yourself too!

The Tenth Step tells me that I am the creator of my own reality. Am I judging myself? If so, then there is something wrong with me and not them.

Regardless what is happening around me, no matter how unreasonable others may seem to be, it’s up to me not react negatively. It’s my choice for a better life.