Daily Reflections October 25

When it comes to recovering from alcoholism, one day at a time is often the mantra that many of us have come to live by. As hard as it can be some days, taking our lives back into our own hands and refusing to let something as devastating and destructive as addiction take over is the only way we can move towards progress.

Today’s daily reflection from October 25th is here to remind us that this journey of healing can be chaotic but also incredibly rewarding when we continue fighting for ourselves in recovery.

Daily Reflections October 25

Without unity, the heart of A.A. would cease to beat; . . .


Unity is a miracle within A.A., made possible by the selfless work of Bill W. and Dr. Bob to establish this Fellowship for all seeking recovery from addiction – myself included!

By practicing unity with fellow members, I’m united in spirit even if physically apart – allowing me to experience the gift that is giving it away as a way to keep it alive and ever-present in my every day life.

Through my daily reflections, I have come to appreciate the importance of unity and how it has helped to shape the Fellowship. In viewing this practice, I saw how by surrounding myself with those who understand addiction, recovery and how sobriety works can only further my own understanding and experience.

Lastly, it is clear that unity will always be an essential part of my journey through A.A. for it provides strength, understanding, growth and an ultimate reminder that miraculous things can happen if we remain united in our remaining sober at all times.

Today I am reminded of the power of unity and the healing that comes from being a part of something greater than all of us—the gift from Bill W., Dr. Bob and everyone who contributes to A.A.—remains ever so present. Thank you for the opportunity to share this reflective piece.