Daily Reflections October 11

If you are struggling with alcoholism, it can be hard to stay motivated and on track when times get tough. Days like October 11 add an extra layer of difficulty to the challenge of recovery, especially if your personal story—or those of people close to you—has been affected by struggles related to alcohol.

You may find yourself asking why a day like today even matters in the first place, but understanding its significance could be just what is needed to provide inspiration and hope in these trying times.

So regardless of where you currently stand in your journey towards freedom from alcohol abuse, take a moment for some daily reflections on October 11th as we all strive for healthier lives.

Daily Reflections October 11

Our first objective will be the development of self-restraint.


While on my daily drive to work, I found myself looking back and reflecting upon how far I had come in my sobriety journey. Unfortunately, the review made me realize that there was a long road ahead of me – one filled with obstacles blocking every path.

As difficult as it felt at times throughout the day, I knew deep down inside that perseverance would eventually bring peace and contentment.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the day-to-day struggles and stresses of life, but if we take time to step back and reflect on our lives and behaviors, we can remain aware of our goals to become better versions of ourselves.

By acknowledging our patterns of behavior, we can focus more on growth and finding ways to improve each day. Taking the time for self-reflection is infinitely worthwhile; it allows us to gain insights into how to live the A.A. program, make progress in life, and peaceably move through difficult moments.

Vowing once more to strive for that elusive yet attainable ideal—living a productive life filled with gratitude—we can thank God for giving us the opportunity every day to learn from our mistakes and keep pushing ourselves forward.