Daily Reflections May 5

Every day brings with it a unique set of challenges, especially on the journey to recovery and sobriety. At times, we can feel stuck in stagnant patterns within our lives while fighting off cravings and looking for new ways forward.

Today is an opportunity to create small steps and celebrate successes along the way – no matter how large or small they may be. Through focusing on our goals and small moments of joy throughout the day, we can make positive progress towards regaining control over our life, finding self-fulfillment, and creating lasting change.

Together, let’s reflect on what brought us here today as we strive towards improving ourselves one step at a time!

Daily Reflections May 5

. . . what comes to us alone may be garbled by our own rationalization and wishful thinking. The benefit of talking to another person is that we can get his direct comment and counsel on our situation. . .


When I’m overwhelmed and lost in the flurry of my anger, all I need is someone to lead me out. Fortunately, God has blessed us with A.A members who can help guide us through our pain– steering away from danger while lighting a path that will bring peace into sight once again.

The forest is all around us and it can oftentimes be overwhelming. But if we are to find a way out, we must certainly call upon our higher power for guidance and strength.

In the case of alcoholism, that might mean reaching out to those in Alcoholics Anonymous who have already walked through the forest and come on the other side. With their knowledge, experience, and empathetic nature, they can guide us towards insight and clarity.

A.A. members understand the pains of being lost in an unfamiliar space as they’ve most likely been there themselves before. So whether it’s sharing your feelings with a close friend or calling upon A.A., never feel like you’re alone in burdensome moments; there is always someone available to walk arm-in-arm with you towards a healthier state of mind.