Daily Reflections May 27

Today’s reflection is about unlocking the potential that lies within us all. We often take it for granted, but we’re powerful beyond measure – every one of us holds untapped resources of strength, whether we know it or not!

Everyone has their own unique story and journey to recovery, and while each person is ultimately responsible for themselves along this road, no one should feel alone in their struggle with addiction. Today’s reflection may provide you with comfort if you can relate your dealing with alcoholism to some of the words written here.

These words are meant as a reminder that through faith, hope, and determination we can realize our dreams and live life without substance abuse holding us back from our true greatness!

Daily Reflections May 27

Day by day, we try to move a little toward God’s perfection. So we need not be consumed by maudlin guilt. . . .


My perception of A.A. was transformed when I saw the absence of “don’ts” in their Twelve Steps – for it showed me how liberating this program really is! It’s not about feeling guilty over who we’ve been, but instead celebrating our progress and taking tangible steps to improve ourselves with an open heart.

Each day is a chance to keep pushing ahead until we reach that point where peace and joy become part of every moment – something which Alcoholics Anonymous helps us do by being an anchor towards new beginnings rather than punishment for wartime actions!

By realizing this there is a sense of comfort and freedom that comes from knowing that Alcoholics Anonymous is neither something to be feared nor considered an imposing force, but instead—it is a path to recovery. Along the way, mistakes will be made but being mindful and understanding that we can pick ourselves up again and work towards reaching our goals with every setback serves as motivation.

It is also necessary to acknowledge the progress we’ve made in our chosen direction as each milestone achieved marks a step closer to overcoming any challenges that come our way.

In simple terms, A.A. teaches self-responsibility and taking power back into our own hands while learning how to take care of ourselves simultaneously. It is here where will finally start living life with greater purpose and on the right track: The one that keeps us out of harm’s way.