Daily Reflections May 26

Looking to get sober? Daily Reflections can help! Each day, you’ll receive a thought-provoking message that will keep you on track.

Today’s reflection is: “The condition of our sobriety today is what we have made it.” Make the most of your sobriety today by making positive choices!

Daily Reflections May 26

Our spiritual and emotional growth in A.A. does not depend so deeply upon success as it does upon our failures and setbacks. If you will bear this in mind, I think that your slip will have the effect of kicking you upstairs, instead of down,AS BILL SEES IT, p. 184

Keeping with the pain and adversity which our founders encountered in establishing A.A., Bill W sent us a clear message: a relapse can provide an experience toward abstinence as well as lifetime recovery.

When I struggle against my addiction, it reminds me of how these things are never easy but they do get better over time if we work hard enough for them to succeed!

I have been sober for a while now, and it’s great. But when life throws me a curveball or two, I find myself in the same place where you might be today – struggling to stay on track with sobriety because of relapse.

And that is okay! It means we still need this program and these meetings.

There are no shortcuts to recovery from addiction; even if one person can get clean alone without any help at all, there will always be someone else whose addiction doesn’t end until they’re able to reach out for support from others who know what they’re going through