Daily Reflections June 30

It’s been a rough day for me. I’ve had to face my addiction and the thoughts that go with it. But, as always, when I take a moment to reflect on what I’m grateful for, things seem so much better.

Today I am thankful for all of you who have come here looking to help yourselves or someone else in need!

Daily Reflections June 30

The unity, the effectiveness, and even the survival of A.A. will always depend upon our continued willingness to give up some of our personal ambitions and desires for the common safety and welfare. Just as sacrifice means survival for the individual alcoholic, so does sacrifice mean unity and survival for the group and for A.A.’s entire Fellowship.


I have learned that I must sacrifice some of my personality traits for the good of A.A., and because of this, I’ve been rewarded with many gifts.

False pride can be inflated through prestige, but by living Tradition Six, you receive humility instead- a gift which is not only more valuable than anything else in life to me now – it’s also something nobody ever takes away from you!

Cooperation without affiliation seems like an oxymoron: when we’re cooperating on behalf or somebody besides ourselves (in our case Alcoholics Anonymous), aren’t we affiliated? B

ut if there are no outside interests involved at all… then we can keep AA autonomous forever!

I am happy to have found a home in A.A. and by letting go of some aspects of my personality, I’ve been able to experience many benefits that come along with living the Sixth Tradition.

It’s important for us all to be autonomous so we can keep the Fellowship healthy and strong for generations after us–and this is possible when we are not affiliated with outside interests or organizations.

What has your experience been like?

Let me know!