Daily Reflections June 27

When you’re an alcoholic, every day is a fight. A battle to stay sober. A struggle to not drink. But on June 27th, I had a different kind of fight. A fight against myself.

Against my own body that was trying to convince me to drink. Against my own mind that was telling me I needed alcohol to function. But I won that fight.

And I’m proud of myself for it. Because that’s one more day sober than I was before. And one step closer to being healed from this disease called alcoholism.”

Daily Reflections June 27

We obey A.A.’s Steps and Traditions because we really want them for ourselves. It is no longer a question of good or evil; we conform because we genuinely want to conform. Such is our process of growth in unity and function. Such is the evidence of God’s grace and love among us. A.A. COMES OF AGE, p. 106

I’m having a lot of fun watching myself grow in Alcoholics Anonymous.

I fought conformity from the moment that I entered, but now it’s clear to me how choosing this way of life has given me an opportunity for God’s grace and love too – one where anything is possible!

I am grateful for the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. A lot has changed in my life since that first night when I walked into an A.A meeting and got sober, but one thing remains constant – my love for this program of recovery.

To all who are still struggling with addiction, please find your way to a meeting near you so that we can help each other live our lives free from alcohol abuse!

Remember, there is no hope without faith; it’s not about what happens to us on this earth–it’s how we react to adversity or joy (possibilities). We’ll be waiting at the door…come join us soon.