Daily Reflections June 23

I’ve been sober for two years and I’m doing great. I hope you can find some inspiration from my story in this blog post’s introduction. If you’re struggling, don’t give up!

The first few days are the hardest but it gets better after that, I promise. I know what it feels like to be lost and feel like there’s no way out of the darkness.

It hurts so bad sometimes but just remember that things get better with time and hard work. You deserve a happy life without alcohol too!

Daily Reflections June 23

But does trust require that we be blind to other people’s motives or, indeed, to our own? Not at all; this would be folly. Most certainly, we should assess the capacity for harm as well as the capability for good in every person that we would trust. Such a private inventory can reveal the degree of confidence we should extend in any given situation AS BILL SEES IT, p. 144

The moment you become honest with yourself, it becomes easier to be that way towards other people too.

When we’re not constantly looking outside of ourselves for validation from others and when our relationships are based on reality rather than expectation or CHOICE then everything starts getting better; your mood lifting up just a little bit each day until one fine Friday morning — BAM!

It’s like all those years spent feeling down were uplifted by an magic spell because now there is no going back–HOLY SHIT WE’RE FREE