Daily Reflections June 1

I am an alcoholic. Since the day I woke up from my coma, I have been sober and committed to staying that way.

There is a part of me that still wants to drink because it’s easier than going through the hard work of recovery.

But every time I want to give in, I think about how much better life is without alcohol and realize what a mistake it would be if I went back down that dark path again.

So for now, at least, I will continue to stay on this journey with those who are walking beside me as we learn how to live free from alcohol addiction together!

Daily Reflections June 1

Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 84

The first “A” in our name stands for attitude. My new sober self-seeking has started to slip away as I continue with the Steps, attend meetings and carry messages of hope everywhere we go!

With a positive helpful outlook on life, it’s no wonder that addiction didn’t want me around any more than anything else does–but now through action alone, these thoughts are changing every day because there really is the magic word:

Action makes all things possible when you work them one at a time or sometimes two together, but most importantly according to Aa steps, each alcoholic must take before he can become whole again…

I’ve found that the first “A” in our name stands for attitude. My attitude is changed by the second “A” in our name, which stands for action.

By working the Steps, attending meetings, and carrying the message, I can be restored to sanity. Action is the magic word!

With a positive, helpful attitude and regular A.A. action, I can stay sober and help others achieve sobriety as well.”